Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh Dear

So...I hope my husband likes the rain (he does) because I just got a promotion that will move us all up to Bellevue/Seattle Washington. Dear me, didn't I just move BACK here from there 4 years ago? Seems so, although back then, I was trying to get away from my now ex-husband and his family who are akin to the Manson family.

Yep, come January, we'll be living in the beautiful northwest again.


Also, I ate my baby last night, now he's in my belly.


jeremy said...

You can get Mac and Jack's African Amber in Seattle. I love that stuff so much my left testicle just exploded while thinking about it.

Alli said...

you should call 911 about that

shark like a fox said...

I love Mac & Jack's Amber. I drink me some of that often lots.

Also, you + moving + next door to me. ok? ok.

Alli said...

Kris, Mike and I are coming up there in 2 weeks to look for housing. We'll be there 4 days and I only have to work for 1/2 days on Thurs and Fri. Sat and Sun are totally open as well as Thurs and Fri night. Lets roll, yo.

PS, I saw you called yesterday, I'll call you tomorrow.

A out.

shark like a fox said...

shaweet! i'll tooooooooooooooooooooooootally drive over. just name the dates.

Brooks said...

D'oh! Seattle? I heard they have lots of coffee up there and some junk.

Brooks Blog

Alli said...

They totally do. Yep. Come up with the fam!