Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jonah can't stop kissing this baby...

I can't stop snapping pictures of this tiny boy

The baby's laying in bed with his daddy right now. He likes to get in bed with us every morning and snuggle and I must admit, its my favorite time of the day. Who'da thunk a night owl like me would turn into such a morning person. I had completely forgotten what having a newborn was like. Its heaven and I am soaked in it. I'm so in love, forgive me for gushing. Oh and daddy? He thinks I'm the best goddess princess around for giving birth to his more benefit. He worships us. I could not be happier...knock on wood.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Aw. Jonah is my oldest son, he's 9, and obviously...Harper is the baby incase you didn't know!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Welcome, Baby Boy

Just so you know, your brothers and sisters are obsessed with you. Your dad and I...we're so in love...with you! Words cannot express...

Harper Elias Michael Easley
6 lbs. 12 oz.
18 inches long
Born July 17th, 4:00 AM

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why Does My BROTHER Get A BABY TODAY?!?!?!

K, I wake up this morning after sleeping, oh...none. Phone is ringing, I dash (so totally not a dash, more like a slow roll/waddle/whimperwalk) to the phone that is 5 feet from my bed. I don't make it before the answering machine gets it. Got that? I didn't even get 5 feet in 6 rings. Sad. So anyway, its my brother, Taylor age 27, who is calling from his cellphone to tell me that his wife who is due AFTER ME (by one day) is in labor. I told him I was so excited for him and to call when the baby is here. No news yet, she's still in labor. It's their second baby/boy in 13 months. Yep, their first born is Derek and he's only 13 months and 6 days old. Mmmhmm, and he's starting law school in San Diego in a month. Crazy mofo.

So we get off the phone and I lay down while simultaneously being kicked on the internal organs. *commence crying and weeping on my part*

No baby yet for me. We've scheduled induction for Sunday night @8pm.

Any advice? I need a baby TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No Baby Yet....

Here's what's going on in my house:

  • My 7 year old wrote all over a white turtle neck with big green and purple letters that say "FLASH" and "i'll be back" and "run, sucka". He also wears it with jeans and a pair of tighty whitey undapants over the top. Oh yeah, and he made a bandito style eye covering with eyeholes cut out. I need to take a picture for you.
  • my husband is totally unconscious next to me, I think he took like 3 ambien last night and now he sleeps the slumber of the dead. Not so much fun.
  • I am on complete bedrest. Complete. Lay down all the time. I totally cheat and go downstairs and shopping for groceries sometimes, then I pay with pain in the baby region.
  • This baby is still breech.
  • This means he's stubborn.
  • He tries to kick his feet out of my bagina.
  • I don't particularly like the feeling of feet tearing through my bagina from the inside, let alone the outside.
  • We decided on a middle name...well...on another part of this name we're giving this child. I think he may have 2 or 3 middle names, but so does my dad.
  • Harper Elias Michael Easley is what we have on the bill now. Maybe Elias Harper Michael Easley. I'd call him Eli, everyone else will call him Harper or something. I like Eli best.
  • I'm the mom.
  • That means I matter most.
  • Its the 4th of July, hurrah! We're going swimming out back and bbq-ing and probably to some firework show at one of the 2352365224623 shows going on around Vegas.
On a lighter note, I watched A&E's "Intervention" the other night, there was a 19 year old moon faced girl, looked like she could be my sister...she was on drugs really hard and I was suddenly taken back to my 19th year and had a little mental breakdown in silence at Walgreens at midnight. My husband just stayed quiet, which was perfect, held my hand and reassured me that I am good enough now that I'm 32 and so far from that time to be the mother of these children in my house. I realized that moment...I'm so dang far from healed. What the heck do I need next? Seriously. Seasons change, this one's not so pretty.

Hopefully this baby coming within the next 2 weeks will make me remember why I love everything...right now I just see gray film on everything...tarnish...smoky windows instead of clear ones.

...catch me later, I'll be on an upswing and I'll be much lighter. Thanks for listening, and goodnight.