Monday, August 07, 2006

This Is Love

2:00 am, little noises that sound like sniffling but its only been 3 hours since the last feeding. Frustrated a bit but not enough to erase the smile from my face as I sit up slowly. By the time I'm fully upright, the sniffling is a cry.

"Don't get up, I got him," from my husband, across the room, "he just needs his binkie."

I melt all over our bed immediately.

"Bring him over here with us" I whisper.

Back to sleep for the next few hours, but not before I catch my sweet boys, laying next to me, Daddy's finger wrapped in a tiny hand in the dark.

This hurts my heart, makes that lump in my throat throb. This is love.


shark like a fox said...

"only been 3 hours since he ate"?????

my god my kid eats every fricken hour and a half!!!

Alli said...

thats too bad. You need to beat him.