Friday, May 12, 2006


There are a few rumors out right now about me and I thought I'd extinguish one of them right now for you all:
  1. I am NOT a scientologist. Although many of you think so because of the way I've been hangin with the Cruisemeister lately and his Kate-bot, its untrue. I just like their guacamole.

I do however have a pretend boyfriend and he loves me. One time we were all laying in bed and he said "I love you" and I was all "I love you" and he was all "I love you more" and I was like "No, I love YOU more" and he was all "Pshh, I love YOU more" and then we fell into a pile of giggles and rolled around on the mattress. Lovely.

K, its friday and that's bitchin! Hope your day is sweet and that you don't catch on fire!


Mr Anigans said...

hi lady....welcome back

jeremy said...

You promised you wouldn't tell about the giggling...

Nightmare said...

scientologist? WHEW I am just glad that you're not a SCATologist! EW!

Alli said...

Shin honey - Thank ya, feels damn good.

Jeremy - I had my fingers crossed

nightmare - EW! I know. Sicktards.