Monday, May 22, 2006

I hate that James Blunt Song "Beautiful" so much!@!!#!!$!$

Incase you were wondering, I just had a sandwich with turkey breast and light mayo and mustard on white bread and I put Doritos in it. That's how I like it.

I put together my baby's nursery yesterday, and my husband's mom gave him a dresser to build for his old apartment in Redlands but he never put it together, he just threw everything he had on the floor which I thought was so "bachelorish and hot" way back then in the 05. So I put it together and I shit you had about 300 screws and we didn't have an electric screw driver so my right wrist is sore...OBVIOUSLY. Duh.

Then our big fat cat named Fatty got in the crib and layed right in the middle and I was so mad but she was cute, so we got her out and kissed her and threw her out the door and then slammed it and now she's been coming in there going in the crib every 3 seconds and now the kisses have stopped. I want to kill her, but we think she's cute so we don't.

Oh and my ex, the fag, he is trying to mess my head up by being a total dick all of the time and by hurting my kids just to make me mad so I had a total mental breakdown, and I know it was a mental breakdown because I was totally silent and my husband just held my hand because he didn't know what to say to me because I am never never silent. Imagine that! Then he said that if the ex wants to talk to me from here on out, he can just talk to him first. My ex is scared of Mike so this is good.

Now I laugh laugh laugh and I'm so laughing because cats in cribs? Absurd.


Laurie said...

I always put doritos "in" my sandwich. Weird... We most certainly are cosmically connected somehow. Cats in the crib remind me of that Stephen King movie. Anyway, dont get rid of your cat! Go here:

Alli said...

we've always been like that Laurie...always. Oh and yay! I don't have to drown my cats now!

jeremy said...

my wrist is sore, too.

Mr Anigans said...

who's james blunt?

Holy Schmidt said...

I'm all for torturing your ex. I can help. I'll get yours, you get mine. They'll never know! lol