Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I know you're not supposed to Dooce yourself, but goodness gracious, I have to vent about work.

There's a blonde. A particularly gorgeous, tiny, skinny, barbie doll lookin blonde who is in the office next to me. She dresses perfectly, she has her makeup done perfectly, she's perfect...til she speaks. You know those little girls you knew growing up who talked like they were being forced to yell? Scratchy cute voice and all but really really loud? And the laugh to shatter glass? K yeah, she's here. She's loud, and God forbid if any of us are having meetings in our offices or conference calls. She makes herself known.

She scares me. Yep.

Dude, look. MC Hammer blog. Hell yeah! thanks to Nightmare for the MC Hammer link yo


Nightmare said...

MC still has the God Squad moves!!

jeremy said...

Please, Alli, don't hurt 'em.