Friday, December 29, 2006

One Down, One Holiday To Go

So Merry Holidays, happy Christmas yada yada. New Years is this weekend, and what shall I do. As a non drinker, I have few options. I can drink the ever delicious sparkling apple cider, or go to a movie, or even play group games with family.

This year, we've chosen to go to a party where there will be casual drinking and laughing and fooding, oh and Guitar Heroing. Lots of it. If you've played the game, you know that even 10 minutes of watching the notes come at you in a scrolling pattern will make your eyes see visions. Try it. When you're done rockin' the sweetest version of Killer Queen with 5 stars on Expert, look over at the wall and watch the pictures hung there start to move upward and circular and all over the wall. I like to call it guitar hero trippin. Its free and totally legal, don't you fret. Ha! Fret! Guitar! Get it?!?!? Ok, so you don't get my me its hilarious.

Anyway, so Christmas was fantastic, my mother in law made 22940 eggrolls and tons of shrimp and beef fried rice that I stuffed down my gullet for 2 hours, and then topped it off with some cherry soaked and candied ham. Oh. My. Lord. This tiny asian woman can cook like a giant. So after stuffing myself, we did gifts and I got the most beautiful purple jade and gold pendant for my necklace from said inlaws, which made me happy. There were many many more gifts, but that one was especially awesome.

I talked to the kids, by the way, the other 3 that are in Oregon with the real dad and they had a lot of fun with the ex-in-law's. Joe's sisters were there and they had an impromptu wedding for one of them and they've been playing with their adult cousin and all. It sounds like they're having fun, which makes me really happy. The pool froze over today, and the rain has been nonstop, but its really beautiful there and I am sort of sad I'm not there, although I'd only want to be there if I could bring Mike, and that ain't gonna happen. Sad, since we're all still family. Oh speaking of family...I guess the step mother decided that out of all of the gifts the kids got, mainly a little stereo/cd player that Casey (who is only 7) got...yeah, she said he can't bring it with him home. So...we're moving to So Cal, 3 hours from where they live, and he has to leave his cd player in Las Vegas because she said so. As you can see, she's ALL ABOUT Christmas. It's all about what makes the kids happy this year, or any year for that matter. Its ok, my parents and Mike and I already decided we'll get him another one for his room here so he doesn't have to worry. Typical. I heard the ex was actually trying to get her to let him bring it home, but yeah, she's the boss since she wears the biggest pants in the family, by far. So sad, honestly.

Anyway, I gave Joe and Heidi a big pumpkin chocolate chip loaf for Christmas wrapped in a really beautiful gold metal box. I'm honestly done feeling anything but love for everyone. Anger and hate, anxiety and guilt...those things will kill you. I love them all and that's how its gonna be. If she wants to hate me, she can hate me to my smiling face. Over. So let me live vicariously through all of your drunken New Years stories, be sure to flash your boobs/man boobs for me.

Peace, nugga.

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