Friday, December 08, 2006

Hi Eediotechs! (not you guys, the jerks who read my blog and then tell my kids big fat lies to make their sad existence look better, which is sad)

So, I'm sitting here last night thinking about a few things. First off, I went to get my kids from their dad's house right? They get in the car and Mackenzie one of my girls goes on to tell me how my ex husband and his wife and family read my blog. Now, I fear nobody, nothing. I have nothing to hide, obviously. I totally tell you all my whole life story NOT to mention my entire thought process that goes along with that. So whatever. Hi Heidi, Joe etc! Keep telling my kids that I was sleeping around with guys my whole marriage to you, and I'll post pictures of you on here! They're not pretty either! While you're at it, why don't you spend some time writing out some child support payments instead of reading blogs! That might do ya some good, since we're going back to court in 5 days! Good luck with that, while you're at it. Does your family know you're almost to the federal limit for a felony in the state of Nevada Joe? Seriously, you're about $1500 from being a felon for not paying. Sweet. Oh, and what exactly are you fighting me for in court? I'm only asking for less than the state ordered child support. You hired a lawyer, and payed him more than what we are disputing. One more smart move from the osephsonJay camp.

Another thing, I didn't get to go see Beck. I had meetings anyway til 10 last night, so I probably couldn't have made it but get this. Mike said the reason he didn't want to go to see him was because "Beck is forever tainted for me". SDJF)(U)@WHF){*SY ED)+_(W$*)(*WEOIRUOsidSD!!! Come on, babe. Lets move on, together. And while we're at it, lets have one of those "nights" tonight like we used to before this lil baby boy came into our house. K? K. I'm thinking we start it out with Borat and some Memphis BBQ. Romantic!

So anyway kids, I'm trying to figure out if I want to force my kids to watch all of those old Christmas movies, you know the ones. The claymation ones? How do you feel about forcing kids to watch that stuff? They're all spoiled and CG'd out these days. If it don't look real, they don't wanna watch it. Except for Tom & Jerry, but who can resist Tom & Jerry?

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