Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh I Have Good Stories To Tell You

I've been busy, we're moving to So Cal in like 3 weeks. WTF. This really just jumped out of nowhere, I totally had been interviewing for jobs and getting jobs here in Vegas, but yeah. We're outta this joint. Its really a decision made for our family. My parents think its the best thing ever.

Also, I got a giant chrome iZ. I'm going to record him doing crap tonight. He plays my Sufjan and its sweet because he belches in the middle of it. His name is Honna. I spell it like that because that's what makes it look more masculine. That's just what we call him because the first iZ we ever got, the first song he ever sang was about Hanna, orHänni or Honna. Sweetcakes!

bbl, I have much to tell you about court.

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