Thursday, December 21, 2006

Its A Fergie Ferg Christmas!

Oh how the holidays drain you. To fill you in on a few things:

We're moving to the So Cal area. We're really excited about it, I'm a sunshine girl, Mike's from there, the kids are beyond excited to be by the beach and my brother and his family and of course...Disneyland. Oh yes, Disneyland. We promised them if they got us all moved, helped us pack and were extra good, they'd get annual pass renewals so we could hit up the park ever weekend if we really wanted to.

Because of this choice to move, I've been like a crazy person driving down there every other day interviewing for jobs. Its really fun, my mom's been helping me daily which is crazy since she hates babysitting, but they think this is the best thing for everyone, so they're all over it. Its really been the best thing for everyone already. I have to admit, I hate moving but this is the first move I've made in the last 15 years that I've been so excited about it keeps me up at night thinking about the possiblilties.

My writing will continue down there since my agent has an office in LA. This is another thing that makes me jump for the baby jesus. I love writing, but have totally neglected it with the new baby, the new husband and the new life. Now that I'm in a really awesome place in my life, I'm ready to move forward. It seems like its been one thing after another, and we're so ready as a family to just be together and stable. So we go!

So the house search, that's a fun one. It seems like all of the houses down in the OC and the Inland Empire are either ready for Ty Pennington to come in and bust 'em up or they're $5600 per month and more suited as somebody's pied-a-terre. Eh, we'll find something...whatcha think we're gonna be doing all this weekend? Nope! Not celebrating Christmas, we'll be out house hunting with no money in our hands! I'm going to wear something like this hoping that my fabulous gams get us a deal:

I kid. I'm going naked.

In other news, court went well. We ended up working out the details before court in a room off to the side, my attorney and myself and his attorney and himself. It ended up being that my attorney showed him what was legal, what was really admissable in court and when all was said and done, he has to pay $9100 in arrears and fees plus pay his child support on time from now on via garnishment. There are a few details I'm leaving out about $$ but thats just because I know all you bitches are greedy, I don't want no scrubs! Also, he signed over permission for Mike and I to move our family to So Cal. This was my only real worry, I really think the space will do good for everyone. This way when the kids spend summers or whatever with Joe, it will be like a vacation, not a mid-week disruption for all involved. It should be really good for all involved. Oh and about all the "your going down Ha Ha Ha" stuff, um...he had PAGES of highlighted copies of my blog there, with all these green stickies with notes taken by his wife on them. Let me tell you, my attorney saw them and laughed so hard. He was like "um, so your blog makes it so he doesn't have to pay child support? Can I have copies of this?" and he took copies for his Best of 2006 file. Seriously. So good, oh my hell, we laughed so hard. Even Joe didn't bring them out, I'm sure he just had them in his file to make her feel better. Seriously, he even hid them in the back of his pile. Smart man. (whoa, did I just say that?...oh well, I'm byist)

So things with he and I are ok...for the time being. As long as he's not glued to that lunatic he's rational and we have awesome communication. I don't want that man, that's why I divorced him. My husband locks the cashbox/stops the cat box, so I ain't hatin'.

Oh so what are ya'll doin for the holidays?

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