Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm Big.


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Holy Schmidt said...

Shut up!

I'm so jealous. Your bump is sex-ay, lady! ; )

You are naming her Schmel-a-Mooney-McMoosey-Barney...Right?

Melanie will do JUST fine!

Yeah for babies!

I Am The Walrus said...

One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen...

Dr.Ajax said...

in my psych class yesterday, we watched a video on pregnancy.

drink lots of milk or your baby will feed off your bones for calcium.

thus furthers my theory that babies are nothing but termites in a soft, pink exterior.

RuKsaK said...

Lovely - congrats once again!

Laurie said...

Ahhhhh!! I wish I could sing to your tummy!

Dr.Ajax said...

ps. hang out with me.
i miss you.
no pun intended.

Blog ho said...

this is a new site. i was thrown.

Blog ho said...

are those my pants?

Maybe So said...

I'm bigger.

and I'm the best pregnant lady ever too because I could still wear my old jeans if they would just button around the belly. three cheers for a non-spreading posterior!

and my baby is already spoiled because his two grandmas buy him new clothes every day and he's not even born yet.

oh plus i have never in my life been able to drink milk, and now that i'm pregnant i