Monday, January 09, 2006

Do You See 2 Lines Too???

Finding out I was going to have a baby this time was a whole lot different than it was with the other kids. The other times, I'd think

"Ohmygosh, another one? I still have 1 (or two or three) in diapers! Lord, give me strength"

but with this one it was more like:

"Hey, does this say two lines? Are there two lines? One? Wait, its faint...oh hold on...ok look, there's another line but ok, so tell me if you see it. You do? Ok me too! NONO, lets look at the insert for the test...ok it says the second line may be lighter. Does that look 'lighter' to you or is it totally just faint? I'm confused..."

Of course, Michael is patient and takes great pleasure in watching me go from calm to insane in 5.7 seconds. He just waited me out, looked at it and said very calmly "looks like 2 'ta me."


If only I could borrow an ounce of his sanity. Sweet boy... Anyway, I'm now officially 11 weeks and 3 days, according to 2 ultrasounds. If she's a girl, her name's Lily, if its a boy...his name is still in the air. Mike's pulling for something like Machiavelli and I'm stuck on Oliver or Jake, oh and my favorite... Spencer. We'll see...

Ok, I'm leaving work. I'm lightheaded and tired and I need a strawberry Whole Fruit Bar. Post haste!

that is all


Mr Anigans said...

still in the air is an odd name

Alli said...

not if you're Scandinavian, which I am. That makes it ever so a