Wednesday, October 18, 2006


no more babies for me.

unless I want them, inwhich that means I'm crazy. I did hear from 2 different palm readers/tarot readers that I'm supposed to have twins. Riiiiiiiight.

me + iud = sanity.


shark like a fox said...

see? i told you to take a test!!!

just think, you could have agonized about this for weeks longer!!

Alli said...

I like to drag out the agony and pain of nonreality for as long as humanly/humanely possible.

RuKsaK said...

have 'em. have 'em. you've clearly got genes which need to take a large part in the pool.

Alli said...

SWEET BABY! How I've missed you. I was just reading you again yesterday.

Anyway, I know. I keep feeling like there are more...just not right now, I suppose.