Monday, October 16, 2006

BFF Talkin'

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Alli Castaspella says:

I still can't believe he sits up...
Posted 22 hours ago.

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shark like a fox says:

he's a go-getter.
Posted 2 hours ago.

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Alli Castaspella says:

he's too big already. I have a hard time believing my Harper will be this big at Christmas. Gross.
Posted 24 minutes ago.

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shark like a fox says:

the other day he was standing up to the ottoman, holding on, and he turned around, let go, and tried to walk away.

he fell flat on his face.....but the fact that he tried scares me!!!!
Posted 22 minutes ago.

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Alli Castaspella says:

the days of semi-freedom are over.

also, the days of him looking relatively un-abused are also over. Prepare yourself for dirty looks at every store because your baby looks like somebody punched him in the eye sockets and forehead with a tire-iron.
Posted 14 minutes ago.

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shark like a fox says:

yes, if he continues to take nose-dives into the duplo box, i'm in trouble.
Posted 10 minutes ago.

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Alli Castaspella says:

wait til he smacks his lip on the coffee table, that's nothin but pain for all of ya.
Posted 7 minutes ago.

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shark like a fox says:

he's going to be walking at christmas. i KNOW it. oh man.....we'll have to put the christmas tree on the table.
Posted 74 seconds ago.

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Alli Castaspella says:

Uh yeah. Unless you want him to die to death.
Posted 1 second ago.


Shark like a fox: god if i only had money to burn...and by burn i mean spend

Me: I could get you a job as a teller at WaMu. You'd make between $9-$12. Seriously. Just say the word kid. Wait til I move there, we'll get a house with a basement/split level. You can move in and we'll find a nanny to come in and watch our 3 babies. Yep. I said 3 babies. I think I'm pregnant.

Shark like a fox: 9-12 an hour wouldn't even be 2000 a month take home. :o( That's hard to
live on in Seattle. i made $15 to $20 at the restaurant, but im' neve working there again. that place gets you pregnant! i need to finish my degree! sigh..... i'm a looosah.

i wish to win the lottery. last night i was having crazy fantasies about 55 million dollars. my only problem is that i dont buy lottery tickets. so winning is going to be complicated............sigh. but when i DO win, i'm buying a ginormous house that will hold all of us. you know...10 bedrooms with a maid and a home theater.....that sort of place. your family can totally live off me. i dont mind a bit. get pregnant a lot! you're the most fertile lady i know!!! except for me.

Me: $2000 a year when you're living in a house I rent that has a Mother In Law cottage in the back that you rent for whatever you can afford will be a LOT of money. Especially since we'll eat all meals together and share a nanny.

You need to play the lottery. Post haste, I have a feeling about it. Also, I will totally live off of you if you win...I promise. PS, now what? Should I get a test? Mike will off himself, I'm sure of

Shark like a fox: and if i was still getting DSHS, i could get a nanny stipend (and you could
too since you have 82340234 dependents) so our nany wouold only cost us like $90 apiece a month. i have a feelign about it too. but i always talk myself out of it. when we get our mansion, we need a "bamboo room." with a pond in it. yes? get a test. it's better to know sooner.

Me: DAMNIT I wish you were still on welfare. Ok, so that's perhaps the most awesome thing I have ever said. You should blog about it. I miss our blogs about convos. You go get lottery tickets, I'll go get a test. Also, we should have a rap room, only for rap listening. Dre, Snoop, JayZ, Xibit. You know...

Shark like a fox: i AM still on welfare. and so long as i make less than $1975 a month, i shall stay on welfare. i miss our blog convos too. we are so funny!!!!!! omg i think i totally will buy a lottery ticket.....but.....i dont even know how. that sounds crazy? seriously, i wouldn't know how to tell if i had a winning number. or how to buy one. or anything. i'm lottery-stupid. and a dressing room....with lots of costumes and mirrors and make up and those lighted make up tables. know...dressing up.

Me: Hooray for welfare!!! I think I actually qualify for it when Joe isn't paying me, and I bring home about $4000 per month...but I do have 326626172 dependents, you're right. Anyway, Joe got his court papers today, called me and said "can you wait til Friday when I'll give you $1000?"

I said Sweet MAMA JAMMA! HELL YES! Not really, I actually said "I guess. Whatever"

Ok, I admit, I don't know how to play the lottery either. I suck.

Shark like a fox: here....calculate your will also tell you how much you'd have to pay for daycare.

ummm Kyle called me and said "if you drive over to see me i'll give you money" but what that actually means is that he'll fill my gas tank. because he spent all his money on booze and cigarettes. sigh. so i called the child support office and apparently they "had the wrong address for him" despite the fact that i gave them the correct addres...the address i have mailed numerous things to....and he has received them....but apparently, they couldn't seem to get paperwork to him for the last 4 months....bullcrap. a friend of mine who works there says that if you dont call everyday and nag, your case will never progress. motherf'er.....

there's got to be like a "how to play the lottery" website or something....

i want my 55 millions!

Me: Kyle is a retard. So is the state of Washington. Nuff said.


shark like a fox said...

hahaha......and the daily frustrations of our lives....REVEALED!!!!!

Alli said...
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Alli said...

Seriously, now people know how our daily emails look...FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS!!!! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

we are crazy...crazy hott.

Mr Anigans said...

holy crap, youse a baby makin machine. you should teach everyone to sing and rename yourselves Von Trapp and have a movie made of your family by disney starring julie andrews unless she's dead in which case it should be a zombie movie and maybe you would have to change your name to Jackson instead only you wouldn't have to beat your kids.

Alli said...

Shin - If I'm pregnant again, its totally an accident and I'm going to cry til its born only because um...yep. Von Trapps.

Also, I don't wanna be the Jacksons, too many practices, oh and Julie Andrews is ALIVE! HOORAY!!!