Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Can't Get Enough Of:

  1. diet Coke
  2. Red Vines
  3. the Walk The Line soundtrack with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon singing all of the songs.
  4. Excederin

I'm gonna die without these things I think. Seriously.

Here's why:

  1. diet Coke, my mother drank it, we used to steal it because she'd never let us have it so when we did get our mitts around a can of it, we thought we'd just won the lottery. Hence forth, I am an addict.
  2. Ok, um, no reason, I just need to tell you I've NEVER, EVER EVEN ONCE in my life gone to the movies without them. Ever. I go before hand and make sure I buy soft ones. Every time. I'm OCD, sue me. I also just likes what I likes...
  3. First, Joaquin Phoenix = so so so hot. Scars and all. Omg. Secondly, his deep voice, all Johnny Cash like. Oh, don't get me wrong, I loves me some Cash, but holy crap...when JP sings deep like that, I melt into a puddle of passionate mess. Whew, I need a shower for real. I love deep voices like no other. Somebody help me. Plus, I think Reese is the cutest actress alive. She's so cute.
  4. I get headaches daily. That's all. Oh oh! And it has caffeine as a bonus! yay!
the end.

ps, deep voices + me = panties off.

Also, so you know my state of mind right now...I have all 4. Yep, now would be the time to ask me for money. I'm happy.


Mr Anigans said...

may i have some money?

Alli said...

yes, you may. Because you said "May I" which I think is quite charming.

shark like a fox said...

Oh man, I had the Jaoquin Pheonix crush thing going on sooooo bad a while back....

Alli said...

it will never end for me...I ♥ him hard time.

Alli said...

You know how I like the dark and handsome badass type...trés sigh