Monday, October 23, 2006

and then there were 2

a convo circa spring of '05

Sharklikeafox: k I’m going over to Jers

Opiate Alli: right now?

Sharklikeafox: yeah

Opiate Alli: wtf are you crazy?

Sharklikeafox: what?

Opiate Alli: it’s 2am

Sharklikeafox: oh it’s not like that, he’s just a night owl like me

Opiate Alli: hahahhahaa

Opiate Alli: you don’t know anything about boys do you

Sharklikeafox: I guess not

Sharklikeafox: k I’m going

Opiate Alli: have fun with your new boyfriend




shark like a fox said...

that was a long time ago!

dont mock!

Alli said...

yes, but you must admit, I'm totally a prophet right? Or maybe just a bit more boy savvy...somethin.

shark like a fox said...

cuz you a ho!!!

like sun.

you always wanna be korean.

or be with koreans.