Monday, October 23, 2006

Rearranged Our Entire House Tonight

And we spoke no words, but just nodded and smiled at eachother (the hubs and I) as we would pass because we can't, and I mean CAN NOT get enough of M.I.A.

That chick is hot. Mmmm, Sri Lanka via London...oh and her dad is like...a freedom fighter and its sweet.

then, when Arular was over, we were obsessed with the ess oh VEEEEE!!!! (sov aka Lady Sovereign) If you wanna hear what makes her impressive, FIND FIND FIND the song "little bit of shhh", its remixed by Adrock, and y'all know that can't be bad. She's a badass, I dig her mucho graciasosososooo. I'm certain our neighbors hate us. We likes it loud for hours...not just our music. I KEED! No, I don't, ok, yes wait no...I don't.

so good, gosh damn. Its times like these that I remember why Mike and I love eachother so much. Music + us = hell yeah


shark like a fox said...

i want soulseek back.

Alli said...

I live for it.