Friday, September 29, 2006


I just passed out from 7 pm til 9 pm for no apparent reason. I woke to a screaming baby downstairs and this...smell...of something cooking. I know not what it is, just yet.

I have to declare, my son is a screamer lately and I am not tolerating it very well. I am in my room, listening to music and looking at vintage dresses online...HOLY CRAP I'm a teenage girl!!!

K, so my new love is Hot Chip and a many few of the songs on the Raconteurs album...

I have a 'script for a sweet sleeping pill/sedative waiting for me at Walgreens, but I'm too lazy to go get it.

I just had this dream, a few minutes ago, and it went like this...

I was talking to someone online who was also celebrating a holiday (new years) but in a different place. It was many hours ahead there and I was watching. Next thing, I'm singing "Auld Lang Syne" with them and I have a red drink straw, the little ones you get at a drink from the bar, and a cherry stem in my mouth and I'm being spun around. I had the hottest pink dress on and said person was there in the busy street with me in NYC. It was weird. I wonder if this other person had the same dream today. That would be awesome.

K, I gotta go watch all these shows I recorded all week on my DVR while I was crazy.

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shark like a fox said...

i'm grumpy. are you grumpy? i'm so grumpy. why am i so grumpy?