Monday, September 04, 2006

I Come Bearing Gifts

First, I talked to my brother today all day long on the IM and the phone. He's JTO, also known as Taylor and I miss him. He and his wife Mandy moved to San Diego a month ago with their baby Dylan who is 3 days older than our baby Harper, and their 15 month old son Derek. So cute. Anyway...we are going down there to So Cal in 7 days and a wake up so I told him how me and Mike and the kids had made a paper chain to count down the days til we see them at Disneyland. He was so inspired, he and his wife made a paper chain to count down the days til Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Too bad he's supposed to be studying since he's now in Law School. Ooops. Don't blame me.

ALSO! For your final viewing pleasure, I was totally awake this morning at around 5 am, it was dark and I often challenge myself to make something in Microsoft Paint. I set a 5 minute timer and go for it. May I introduce, my latest piece...

Edward Was Scared Of The Cat So He Hid Behind The Dresser


shark like a fox said...

ok so why haven't you made a 5am-microsoft-paint-artwork for our RIP River blog to replace the crappy fake looking tombstone!

200 px by 300 px plz.

k thanks bye

shark like a fox said...

wait make it 150 by 200.

that will fit so nice.

Alli said...

ok! I'm on it. 150 x 200

any requests? Should I make a pic of River Phoenix dead on the ground with his brother calling 9-1-1?

K sweet, I'm on it.

shark like a fox said...


Mr Anigans said...

your pic makes me think of edward gorey.

but in color.

Laurie said...

I love you, you know that right?

Mr Anigans said...

what the crap? i jumped through a link to another link into yet another link. then i passed through another one landed at a screaming bunny and dropped my sorry ass right into your myspace page.

and you weren't involved with any of those links. so....what the crap?

6 degrees of tof reknin

Alli said...

Shin - dude, I'm everywhere. We've always been weirdly connected like that, Shin....don't fight it, brah.

Oh! And! Don't you LOVE the screaming bunny????!??!?!? I am terrified/in love with it.

Laurie - Yes, and that fact makes me happy every day.

shark like a fox said...

blog more.

oh and i love you more than laurie does.