Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why Does My BROTHER Get A BABY TODAY?!?!?!

K, I wake up this morning after sleeping, oh...none. Phone is ringing, I dash (so totally not a dash, more like a slow roll/waddle/whimperwalk) to the phone that is 5 feet from my bed. I don't make it before the answering machine gets it. Got that? I didn't even get 5 feet in 6 rings. Sad. So anyway, its my brother, Taylor age 27, who is calling from his cellphone to tell me that his wife who is due AFTER ME (by one day) is in labor. I told him I was so excited for him and to call when the baby is here. No news yet, she's still in labor. It's their second baby/boy in 13 months. Yep, their first born is Derek and he's only 13 months and 6 days old. Mmmhmm, and he's starting law school in San Diego in a month. Crazy mofo.

So we get off the phone and I lay down while simultaneously being kicked on the internal organs. *commence crying and weeping on my part*

No baby yet for me. We've scheduled induction for Sunday night @8pm.

Any advice? I need a baby TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy Schmidt said...

Look up the foot massage that will induce labor. It works for some people.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your little one gets here by way of easy pushing and one hell of an epidural.


shark like a fox said...

my son is pulling my hair as we speak.

ow ow ow owo wow .

i had to read that twice to realize that you were NOT saying that baby Derek was starting law school.

i tried everythign to induce labor. I even went to Baby Chick day at the feedlot. I also had to resort to pitocin.

Nightmare said...

Well you are 4 hours away from birthing!! Let us know how it goes!!

Oh and Congrats!

Alli said...

You're right! I'm going in there in 4're so good to be watching the clock like me.

I'll let you ALL know how it goes!

Love you guys.

Mr Anigans said...

looks like you're having a baby right about now.

indygirl said...

You totally have a baby by now! Be sure to tell us about him soon!!!

John Q. Public esq. said...

what a lot o' hair