Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coolest Thing I've Heard All Day

So my 9 year old comes up to the office in my house where I'm working today and starts to ask the basic daily summer questions:

  • can I go to [insert friend's name]'s house?
  • can [insert friend's name] come over to OUR house?
  • can I have a popcicle for breakfast?
  • do I HAVE to do my chores today?
  • can I watch Star Wars again?
  • are you ever going to stop working today?
  • can we go swimming right now?
you know...kid talk.

I say "no, no, no, yes, later, sure, at some point and not right now" and ask what everybody else is doing. This is where it gets good. Pay attention to the end, its a grand slam, in my book.

"Tiffany is watching Maury, Casey is making toast, Mackenzie is sleeping on the couch and Mike just put a corn dog on her face."

Non chalant...calmly. Damn, I love motherhood.


Mr Anigans said...

nope, can't says i've ever had a corndog.

Alli said...

then you have never lived, my dear friend.

Also, I'm starting to wonder if Mackenzie will need therapy because her stepdad put a corn dog on her face while she was sleeping. He also built a pyramid of empty cups on her forehead while she slept. The boys...they found this hilarious.

jeremy said...

You sure that was a corn dog?

kari said...

I wonder where kids come up with those things. The corndog idea that is.

shark like a fox said...

i like how you turned "nonchalant" into 2 words, because you're awesome like that.

remember "halo'd"?

Dr.Ajax said...

in my world, we call corndogs pogos... no matter what the brand.

indygirl said...

That poor child is going to need intense therapy.