Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Let It Snow! *insert sparkly snowflake*

So today is the day that I depart for lands unknown, far into the hills of the Wasatch, to partake of family goodness.

To start, I may have to fill you in on the "Christensen" side of my family. My mom is a Christensen and she has 2 sisters and 1 brother, who all have many children in turn. About Scandinavian families. We are loud. We like to talk. We like to eat. We like to argue. Let your mind run freely in imagination of what my life is like while I go feed the baby.

K, I'm back.

So anyway, my mom's BFF sister, Susan, just moved from here in Vegas to a place called Alpine, basically SLC/Provo area, if you know Utah. She sold her home here for like a million dollars (seriously) and they built this monster retire in now that their baby just went to college. Uh. Whatever, typical. We love excess in this family. SOOOO, me, Mike and our 235 kids are piling into our Odyssey and making the 6 hour trek to Northern parts.

Reasons I'm excited:
  1. my cousins are all hilarious. They're all in their mid to late 20's and snaptastic in the sass department.
  2. we grew up .3 miles from eachother so they're like siblings, which makes for tons of good remembering stories and laughing.
  3. we eat. lots. of. food.
  4. my aunts can cook like NO other.
  5. I'm only bringing pop this year because I am staying in a hotel.
  6. the hotel we're staying in has 2 rooms, so I can have sex all I want.
  7. snow
  8. snow
  9. snow
  10. snow...I love snowboarding. Nuff' said.
Reasons I'm not excited:

  1. my uncles pick me up like I'm a doll to hug me. This makes me feel like a kid.
  2. in picking me up, my dominion over my children is lessened as they see me henceforth as a child...or...their equal if you will.
  3. snow
  4. snow
  5. snow
  6. snow
  7. my cousin Jason who is a dork. Nobody likes Jason, his hair is totally weird and his jokes are like this:
"Hey, you guys talkin about music? Well, I listen to *insert shit band*. They rock and your bands suck because yeah. So...look at my ugly hair!!!"

Well, he doesn't say that last part but yeah, you get my drift. He's not one to just swoop in and join a convo, ya dig?

K, so the drive will be late, snowy and cold and dark and crap, but we have a DVD player and tons of music in the car...

so...I'll update if I can, but if ya don't hear from me...

Oh and also! Next week we're going BACK to said yonder to have a birthday party from my grandpa from my Dad's side (also Scandinavian, lucky me. Any wonder why I'm blonde/blue?) who is dead. My grandma is nuts. She thinks the cat "Mr. Whiskers" is my grandfather, so we'll all sing Happy Birthday to a cat.


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